Tupaswilla in Laukaa, Suomi Finland
– the world’s largest smoke sauna

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the best Finnish traditions in Laukaa’s Tupaswilla!

Tupaswilla is situated near Jyväskylä city, only a 40-minute drive from there. Hotel Peurunka in Laukaa is only a 10-minute drive away from our location.

We provide our services only for groups (15-100 people) and only by booking made in advance.

Contact us by email: myynti@tupaswilla.fi

Our main goal is to offer memorable experiences within our area of expertise. Come learn about Finnish cultural traditions and enjoy the Finnish sauna, nature and cuisine at Tupaswilla.


Some examples of our services

Program services are priced separately – contact us through email myynti@tupaswilla.fi

Through us, you can book accommodation at a nearby spa hotel.

Visit to the world’s largest smoke sauna and enjoy the hot sauna privately with your own group. Have a swim at a pond with cold springs – in winter try the invigorating cold plunge in the frozen lake.

The sauna is suitable for men and women together – there are separate dressing rooms and showers. The sauna room is shared for everyone, so please wear a swimsuit. Towels and water for drinking are included. You are free to bring soft drink cans with you. There is a cozy campfire at the sauna porch. The sauna building is free from smoke, only the smell of smoke is caught in the log walls due to the specific heating process for the sauna.

Cost: 1100 € / 1-20 people. Extra people 20 € / each.
Duration: 1-3 hours (your choice)
Notice: Bring swimsuits (if you choose to have a shared sauna for men and women)
Language: Guided in English

Natural peat treatment in the world’s largest smoke sauna. This treatment is suitable for groups of only women or only men separately (the treatment is done naked). The guide will tell you about the health issues, this treatment is not recommended for those suffering from acute heart, vascular or cancer problems.

A guide will explain every step to the guests during the whole process. After warming up in the sauna you will spread the warm and clean peat on your skin. After this, you go back to the sauna for 20 minutes. Remember to drink fresh water during the treatment and during the day before it. After this, wash out the peat – you will feel wonderful! The peat cleans metabolic waste from the body and softens the skin. It’s also fun!

Tea and coffee with bread are served after the sauna. These are included in the price.
Towels and water for drinking is included.

Cost: 1100 € / 1-15 people. Extra people 30 € / each.
Duration: 1,5-2 hours
Notice: You should drink plenty of water during the day before the peat sauna.
Language: Guided in English.

Nature trip in the forest – getting to know Finnish nature and walking to a high viewpoint in nature. Coffee, sausages, and pancakes are cooked over a campfire. This walk in the forest can be arranged at any time of the year, an easy path begins from the sauna at Tupaswilla.

Cost: The trip is priced according to the duration and number of participants.
Notice: Can be arranged at any time of the year.
Language: Guided in English

Tour of the old village – you can see traditional handcrafts at the yard circle of Tupaswilla. The blacksmith is forging in the shop. You will see how tar is produced traditionally. A shingle roof is crafted for the storehouse, and you will learn about dyeing woolen yarn with natural dye.

Cost: Prices according to the duration and number of participants.
Notice: Cannot be arranged in wintertime.

Old army vehicles – drive up and down our routes in the forest. Safari for 5 people, where our guide takes you to the hilly paths. Every participant gets to drive the vehicles. You can also choose a ride where the guide drives and you get to enjoy the 10-minute wild ride. The safari drive is planned according to the group.

Cost: Prices according to the duration and number of participants.

Buffet – dining from the buffet table, the menu includes tasty traditional food. Local salad, meat, fish, veggies, mushrooms and berries in different forms. If you wish, traditional kantele music can be heard live as background music during the meal.

Cost: 25-50 € / person