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Finland`s best public smoke sauna, heritage village to visit and buffet dining for group travellers at Tupaswilla in central Finland. Explore the offerings of our traditional village and let us arrange your day to be memorable and truly heart warming. Choose the group size and activities that you want to fill your day with. We will plan the day according to your wishes.


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Tupaswilla heritage village

The World`s largest smoke sauna

The world`s largest smoke sauna is here - even 100 people will fit in the sauna together to enjoy the special, mild warmth.

The great smoke sauna at Tupaswilla was chosen as the best sauna in Finland at July 2016. The jury valued the ideal measures of the sauna building and the perfect quality of the heat. 

Food & nature

The beautiful surroundings at Tupaswilla Laukaa are easily accessible. Hiking and walking in the forest and peatland present the pure Finnish nature, only half an hour from Jyväskylä city.

We are proud to serve regional specialities like roast elk, smoked vendace fish, homemade rye bread and finnish berries. Enjoy the buffet in a genuine log building atmosphere.

Old army vehicles

Rough military is our interest – at Tupaswilla offroad scenery ride you can feel the growl of old army trucks and tracked vehicles.

Our collection of vintage tractors, old military vehicles and antique farm tools is worth seeing. Guided tour will take your group to step back in time while exploring the historical artifacts.

Things to do

Smoke sauna

Unique, unforgettable experience. The great smoke sauna at Tupaswilla Laukaa is built to serve groups of all sizes. The heat of the sauna is mild and fresh. Try invigorating swim at the pond or the relaxing peat treatment on your skin at the gentle heat of the sauna.

Army vehicles

Feel the force and rumbling sound of the old military vehicles. Our guide will drive you to steep hill routes through awesome forest scenery.

Time travel - guided tour

Guided tour at Tupaswilla heritage village for groups of 10 - 100 persons, booking in advance by e-mail: myynti@tupaswilla.fi  Tour takes 1,5 hours. Lunch/ dinner 25-40e.

Enjoy the atmosphere of restored log buildings, antique farm tools and old vehicles. Our guide will tell about the building process of the log houses and finnish sauna culture. Demonstrations of some farmwork and artesan handcraft will lead you back in time on walking tour through the yard, for example spinning wool/ making shingle roof/ making tar/ natural dyieng yarn/ weaving fabric etc. Visiting the world´s largest smoke sauna included.

Accommodation service

We will arrange accommodation nearby with our partner spahotel Peurunka according to your wishes. Choose a comfortable hotel room or a holiday cottage.

Food services

Beef Casserole

Salad table, pickled raw salmon, boiled eggs, beef casserole in red wine, potatoes and grilled root vegetables, fresh white bread and rye bread.

For dessert Finnish squeaky cheese with cloudberries and vanilla sauce, coffee and tea.

Salmon soup

Creamy salmon soup. Dark rye bread and white bread with butter and pickled cucumber. 

For dessert cinnamon rolls, coffee and tea.

Traditional Christmas menu

Enjoy the grand specialities of the Finnish Christmas meal!

Feast menu

Salad table, mushroom salad, pickled raw whitefish, salted salmon, seasoned herring, smoked cold turkey with blackcurrant jelly, roasted loin of pork with cream sauce, grilled salmon with sour cream, potatoes and sweet grilled root vegetables, fresh white bread and rye bread.

For dessert blueberries with vanilla sauce, coffee and tea.



Welcome to a heritage village of better well-being!

We always customize our services to suit our customers' wishes, so take a look at what we offer and we'll be in touch.

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